• These silhouettes, made of stainless steel, are used in SCANNERS OF PATTERN MASKS or the high powered ELLIPSOIDAL spotlight, to project images, logos, words. They are also called gobos, cookies, templates. Below are 150 samples from our stock library. They can also be custom made with your logo, sales message, phone number, name, etc. They are used in theatre, club, tradeshows, stores, concerts, parties. For prices, go back to yellow pages .
  • Ready to order from our extensive LIBRARY OF MASKS:

    WARNING: This is huge page, allow time to download.

    TL = Top left ... TR = Top Right ... BL=Bottom Left ... BR = Bottom Right


















    Christ on

















    "He is





    TL: 3240 Snowflake thick

    TR: 3230 Snowflake

    BL: 3232 Snowflake group

    BR: 3211 Snowman

    TL: 3231 Snowflake thin

    TR: 3233 Snowflake soft

    BL: 3200 Christmas tree

    BR: 3210 Bells

    TL: 3290 "Seasons Greetings"

    TR: 3282 Angel

    BL: 3291 "Feliz Navidad"

    BR: 3285 Santa & reindeer

    TL: 3421 IXOYC

    TR: 3122 Dove

    BL: 3270 "Merry Christmas"

    BR: 3280 Christmas star

    TL: 3286 Three Kings

    TR: 3283 Horn

    BL: 3284 Horse & sleigh

    BR: 3292 Gifts


    TL: 4036 Champagne Glasses

    TR: 3300 "Happy New Year"

    BL: 3320 Party Time -- glass, streamers & hat

    BR: 3330 New Year Party -- hats & streamers

    TL: 2500 Astronaut

    TR: 3322 "Celebrate" -- streamers & balloons

    BL: 4032 Valentine -- cupid & hearts

    BR: 2487 "Happy Birthday"

    TL: 4050 Heart

    TR: 4033 Valentine -- 4 hearts

    BL: 4035 Two Bells

    BR: 4031 Heart with Doves

    TL: 3321 Balloons

    TR: 3288 "Happy Anniversary"

    BL: 3287 Graduation cap & diploma

    BR: 2489 "Congratulations"


    TL: 3004 Statue of Liberty & Fireworks

    TR: 3007 Statue of Liberty

    BL: 3005 Statue of Liberty draped in an American Flag

    BR: 3529 Firecracker & Stars

    TL: 3003 Iwo Jima -- flag raising

    TR: 3516 Popping Firecrackers & Stars

    BL: 3511 American Flag

    BR: 3515 Eagle & Shield

    This 3 mask set is designed to be projected using red, blue, & white superimposed color - filtered projectors:

    TL: 3532 American Flag RED stripes mask.

    TR: 3533 American Flag WHITE stripes & stars mask.

    [Not shown] 3534 Flag BLUE background for star field.

    BL: 7016 "Cinco De Mayo"

    BR: 7018 "Cinco De Mayo" & stars

    TL: 3006 Fireworks

    TR: 3530 Single Fireworks Burst

    BL: 3518 Liberty Bell

    BR: 7020 Men Marching -- with flag, drum & flute.

    TL: 3517 "4th of July" with firecrackers & stars

    TR: 3519 Firecrackers Popping with stars

    BL: 3513 Abe Lincoln portrait

    BR: 3514 George Washington


    TL: 2410 Star outlined

    TR: 2210 Star

    BL: 2001 Starburst paper hole

    BR: 2002 Starburst Star

    TL: 2229 Spinning Star

    TR: 2420 Group of Stars

    BL: 4001 Planet & Stars

    BR: 2234 Radiating Star


    TL: 2150 Four Petals

    TR: 2050 Large Petals

    BL: 2451 Quilt

    BR: 2450 Fancy Square

    TL: 2020 Rock Breakup

    TR: 2000 Shatter

    BL: 2228 Kaleidoscope

    BR: 2490 Lace

    TL: 2191 Electric

    TR: 2192 Carnation

    BL: 2471 Fire & circle

    BR: 2475 Flames

    TL: 2193 Wooly

    TR: 2194 Fuzzy

    BL: 2472 Splat

    BR: 2232 Rose Swirl

    TL: 2030 Field of Petals

    TR: 2240 Floating Petals

    BL:2032 Molecule

    BR: 2033 Lava

    TL: 2190 Shatter

    TR: 2130 Floral

    BL: 2473 Swoosh

    BR: 2070 Squiggle

    HOLES: Use with Roctronics Fogger smoke to create mid-air prisms.

    TL: 2090 Dots in line

    TR: 2291 Four dots

    BL: 2270 Three big dots

    BR: 2370 Six big dots

    TL: 2290 Circle of 8 dots

    TR: 2040 Clock of dots

    BL: 2260 Medium dots

    BR: 2250 Small dot group

    TL: 2180 Focus point

    TR: 2400 Daisy wheel

    BL: 2331 Small dash

    BR: 2332 Large dash

    TL: 2120 Four blades

    TR: 21130 Six blades

    BL: 2470 Pinwheel

    BR: 2440 Swirl

    TL: 2107 Offset hole

    TR: 3108 Jagged edge hole

    BL: 2230 Focus point

    BR: 2310 Radial dashes

    OUTDOORS: Trees, Leaves, Clouds, Lighting, Mountains

    TL: 1014 Climbing ivy

    TR: 1015 Ivy - reversed

    BL: 1010 Limb & Leaves

    BR: 1012 Begonia

    TL: 6062 Waves

    TR: 6063 Drops

    BL: 1000 Leaves

    BR: 1020 Leaves - spaced

    TL: 3531 Trees natural

    TR: 1016 Sky tree canopy

    BL: 3528 Pine trees

    BR: 3537 Lone pine tree

    Project clouds onto the backdrop to simulate an outdoor scene.

    TL: 1110 Wispy clouds

    TR: 1100 Clouds group

    BL: 1103 Puffy clouds

    BR: 1104 Thin clouds

    TL: 1101 Clouds & sun

    TR: 1102 Full cloud

    BL: 1105 Scattered clouds

    BR: 1106 Clouds & moon

    Flash bolts with thunder sounds to simulate a storm.

    TL: 1150 Lightning - double

    TR: 1152 Lightning - full

    BL: Mountain range

    BR: Mountain & trees

    Architectural -- windows, doors, stairs, fireplace

    These masks, when projected onto a backdrop, create the illusion of sunlight entering a stage scene.

    TL: 4020 Window

    TR: 6001 Window-plain

    BL: 6005 Window - country

    BR: 6006 Window oblique

    Projected architectural features are used to "decorate" a set.

    TL: 6061 Victorian fireplace

    TR: 6080 Hanging lamp.

    BL: 6083 Open staircase

    BR: 6084 Enclosed staircase

    All signs of the zodiac, and the astronomical constellations are available. These are samples:

    TL: 7027A: Zodiac crab

    TR: 7027B: Constellation crab

    BL: 7029A: Zodiac virgo

    BR: 7029B: Constellation virgo


    TL: 1180 Butterfly group

    TR: 1021 Rose

    BL: 1023 Tiger Lily border

    BR: 1024 Poinsettia canopy

    Sports - masks are available for every sport; also a football, basketball, soccer ball, tennis racket, motorcycle, etc.

    Use for sports award ceremonies:

    TL: 4072 Two runners

    TR: 4052 Javelin thrower

    BL: 4055 Horse jumper

    BR: 4056: Fencers

    Tiles - Used with multiple projectors to create large seamless displays.

    Top: 1305 Jungle foliage

    Middle right: 1307 Lava

    Bottom: 1309 Bull's eye

    Order one mask per projector.

    Messages - " Celebrate", "Cinco de Mayo" , "Class of 19xx", "Congratulations", "Feliz Navidad", "Happy Anniversary!", "Happy Birthday" , "Happy Easter", "Happy New Year!", "Happy St. Patrick's Day!", "He is Risen!", "Intermission", "Kiss me - I'm Irish", "Merry Christmas", "No Smoking", "Seasons Greetings", "Sweet 16", "?", and finally "The End"

    Your personal message can be created for your special event: Corporate logo, sales slogan, "Happy Birthday John". You do not have to supply any artwork.

    Other - Remember, this has been only a sampling of our extensive library. Subjects include:

    Outline of every state in the United States, every continent, butterfly, fish, sea shells, sea horse, earth, flowers, cowboys, buffalo, cactus, horse rider, country dancers, dancers, ghosts, witches, skull, cob web, menorra, star of David, nativity, , bunny, eggs, St. Patrick's Day, elf, shamrock, theatre masks, musical notes, cupid, astronaut, dancers, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn, Mariachi band, bullfighter, religious scenes......

    These are just a few of our stock pattern masks. Contact us for more. Also, we can provide custom-made masks from your art work.


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