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Many clients find all the equipment they need within the pre-designed systems offered by Roctronics. But for those who want their facility to be truly unique, setting it spectacularly apart from the competition, Roctronics' graduate engineers offer original design services. Since 1965 Roctronics has earned the appreciation of clients worldwide for providing not only lighting, lasergraphics, and special effects; but also for creative architectural and electrical plans. By working directly with all the craftsmen doing the installation, Roctronics assures an integrated implementation at minimal cost and time. Our Design Technology videotape will take you on a full-color tour of many installations world-wide, letting you enjoy a complete and informative presentation.

Design Technology

Utilizing the physics and psychology of light and color, Roctronics has invented and built unique entertainment environments for nightclub, hotel, theater, exhibition, and amusement park clients worldwide, shown in action on the Design Technology videotape as illustrated in the Magenta pages ---luminous displays. The photo above shows a dancer silhouetted against a unique Roctronics invention, a full-color, music-responsive, animated motion display that can be built as a ceiling, wall, or underlit dancefloor.

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